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Posted on 12-08-2016

Diarrhea....every pet owners nightmare. If you have a pet sooner or later you are going to have to deal with them having intestinal issues. But what is the best way to handle it? Here at MVH we have a few basic guidelines. First, at the first sign of diarrhea pull their food. Often times a rich diet or a diet they are unaccustomed to can cause diarrhea. It is best to fast them for twelve to twenty-four hours to allow their stomachs and intestines to rest and give whatever is upsetting them a chance to get out. Second, make sure they stay hydrated! Leave plenty of water out for easy access, you can also add a small amount of chicken broth to the water to encourage drinking. Third, if there is blood or mucus in their stool call your vet right away. These could be indicators that your pet has something else going on. Fourth, if your dog is very young, very old, or is a small breed call your vet right away. Our young, old and smaller friends need nutrients and don't have the reserves that our larger typically healthy pets do. They can be more prone to dehydration and may not recover as well from a bout of diarrhea. It is always best to be on the safe side. And finally, never hesitate to call and ask for advise from your vet. If you are at all concerned that your dog is acting different such as lethargic and listless it is always better to get your furry friend in to see a doctor sooner rather than later. For more information feel free to give us a call. 

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