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Posted on 08-01-2017

Attention Gallatin Valley Dog Owners:

A cough is going around the county. Dogs that frequent busy dog parks, kennels, and grooming facilities are at a high risk for exposure. This seems to be a new type of virus so even dogs who are up to date on all of their vaccines are susceptible. Symptoms include: coughing often times with a gagging sound, lethargy, and mild fever. We are seeing dogs that are just coughing with out any of the other signs as well. We are seeing symptoms three to seven days from the original exposure. What most owners don't realize is that this seems to not only be passed from direct contact but by indirect contact as well. The viral droplets can be aerosolized so a coughing dog can contaminate an environment and then leave and a new dog can enter the area and then become infected.

At our clinic we are treating all the dogs showing symptoms with a cough suppressant and an antibiotic. Why the antibiotic when it's a virus? We do this to prevent any secondary bacteria from taking over. When the immune system is busy fighting off a virus it can have holes in its defenses which allow secondary infections to happen. This can lead to pneumonia which can have serious consequences.

If your dog is coughing call your veterinarian, keep it away from public areas, and allow for plenty of rest and relaxation. This means house arrest with extremely limited activity.

Our boarding facility has so far been successful in keeping this contagious disease at bay. We have large yards that the dogs can run in without coming into contact with other boarders. Each boarder has their own water bucket which is disinfected before and after each stay. All our kennels are cleaned and sanitized daily. For more information about the cough or our boarding facilities please give us a call at 406-586-2019

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